June 21 19:00

Webinar by world-class shaman Aayla

Summer Solstice

Time to get filled with the energy of the Sun
and fulfill your dreams and desires

  • Why do any wishes come true on this day, and how to achieve it
  • How to use the Summer Solstice power correctly: practical shamanic tips
  • An ancient shamanic ritual "Create the Wish Cake" awaits you in the second part of the webinar
  • This is the perfect time to ask the spirits for success, happiness, good luck and love for yourself and your family.
Use the power of one of the
most energetically powerful
days of the year
to make your wishes come true

The Summer Solstice has a strong power to transform all areas of your life

This is the period when you can form the program of well-being and prosperity for your entire lineage

You will learn how to address the spirits on this day so that they fulfill your wish

3 simple steps to prepare for the Summer Solstice properly

I will hold a webinar on June 21,
consisting of two parts:


A FREE WEBINAR where you formulate your deepest wish and the universe hears it. Like a child in the womb, you must also give a strong force to a new project - your wish - on this night JOIN FOR FREE


An ancient shamanic ritual "Create the Wish Cake". Live we will perform a rare feminine ritual to create wellbeing! We will bake a wish cake! We will feed the cake to the spirits. And then you can distribute it to the whole family!
At the meeting, you will be able to combine all 4 elements together and receive a blessing from the Sun
Obtain ancient knowledge
about the celebration of the Summer Solstice
Only on this day do all forces of nature, the power of all four elements, work for you:
Water - to adjust your love relationships
Fire - to remove all obstacles on your way
Earth - to get rid of the disease
Air - to protect your home from evil spirits
to attract good luck, health and love!
The highest point in nature and in human life, the maximum peak, the most powerful and energetically charged period
On this day, each woman can become a magician, a goddess, a keeper and a shaman
Only once a year, the solar energy is able to transform the surrounding reality
You will learn powerful cleansing practices that will help you free up the room for new light power
19:00 Berlin time
  • Access the free lecture
  • A step-by-step guide on preparing for one of the most powerful energetic days of the year
  • Live communication with a world-class shaman
Join for FREE
20:00 Berlin time
An ancient
shamanic ritual
  • Opportunity to fulfill all your desires, using the most powerful energy of the sun
  • An ancient shamanic ritual "Creating the wish cake"
  • Live communication with a world-class shaman

Price: 100€

  • Hereditary Siberian shaman, known in 37 countries around the world
  • Author and trainer of unique training worldwide.
  • Curator of WWF projects
  • Aayla was the first to collect ancient knowledge about shamanism and explain it in modern language.
  • Master of harmonious family traditions.
  • Developer of over 500 development methodologies of human capabilities with the use of shamanic techniques.
  • The following movies were created in cooperation with the BBC based on research of my capabilities: “Human Brain Capabilities” (2006), “Horizon. Out of Control?” (2012), and “Brain Story” (2012)
Aayla's certifications
The Summer Solstice holiday is for you if you want to:
marry a
decent man
build a strong and
friendly family
get rid of debts and
find financial freedom
renew your
financial scenario
feel healthy, young and
beautiful every day
be happy about your
children's successes
gain a strong network
of like-minded people
start your life
with a clean sheet
Shaman Aayla has helped tens of thousands of people around the world
and keeps this knowledge for anyone who is ready to hear it and wants to change their lives!